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Subject: I want to be with you forever
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How are you?!
Thou will most likely will be surprised by this writing. I am just start to dating in the Internet. Seems I open ed a wicket that which hid a lot. For me, this new and it seems me that I already pretty auld for this. I begin to feel that I do not catch up with tempo of the world that is around . I decided make good one's running! And try use new technologies for date! I will go to the main thing. I live in Russia. What country do you live in? I am forty nine years aged. I'm not here to joking. I 'm interested in personal acquaintance and the begin of an adult relationship. I really hope you'll write me. My emotional state for now does not let me to start write a lot now. Cause I still feel some tight. I guarantee that you'll see my more confident and informative answer only in case you answer to this letter!
Waiting for your yours reaction!


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