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#239277 by mariko Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:46 am
Romance scammer
Jim Peterson, [email protected]

Hello Dear,

Nice to hear back from you.

This are few words to tell you about me. My name is Jim Peterson .I am a U.S Marine Engineer by profession and i recently transfer and work here in Japan and live in Yokosuka Base and i also have a side business that i do along with my job which include buying and selling of Gold Jeweleries

Am from Bronx New York.. I am the only child of my late parents and am a single man. I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who is friendly,honest, caring,trustworthy..

I`m 6`1" 180 bls with a athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, God Fearing, and a positive person.I am real easy person to talk to and a loving and outgoing man. I enjoy playing sax which i do often at my leisure time.I like going to the movies,or watching movies in my room or Cabin, I like swimming,listening to music and dance to any kind of music,i sing,sailing, going bowling and also a good cook.I am a family oriented person,love children and there is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself

I attach 4 of my pictures to this message


#239422 by mariko Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:43 am

Hello Dear

I was so much excited to read your mail and thanks so much for taking your time to write me in spite of your busy schedule.

I don't know where to start. I am new at this online thing so please understand if I am a little awkward at it. I am writing this message to you not for the fun of it, but because I am willing to give a chance and see what happen between us.

Let me start by saying that I thank God for knowing you. As you may have known, the fountain of any Friendship / relationship must spring up in the mind. It is very important for me to express to you how much i really wish to keep our friendship and to see where it will lead us to. I wish I could do this in person while gazing into your eyes,but since we are physically separated by little distance, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this.

To me, you are first of all my friend and then...... something more greater in the near future..... God willing. To be honest with you, I am really short of words here, but one thing I do know is that I have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart; a heart that is aching to see your smile. I would like to use this opportunity to say...I am delighted to have met you

#239556 by mariko Sat Feb 28, 2015 4:45 am
Am happy when ever i received your message and i hope we can continue in our communication so that we can make plans on how to meet each other soon.

I am really interested in wanting to know about what makes you the special person you are today. I want to learn about you and what makes up your heart and soul, as the friendship I want to build with you I want it to be like no other you have ever shared in or experienced. This friendship I want to build with you will be filled with substance,quality,spirituality,love,faithfulness and potential

To tell you more about me, I am an honest, kind-hearted, hard-working man who does need the support of a loving woman. Ideally, l am someone who is confident in what he want and who he is.

Am really happy to meet you and i have the believe that God brought us together for a purpose so i advise that
we both open up our heart to see where this friendship we lead us to

Send me your LINE QR CODE

#239638 by mariko Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:29 pm

Am so glad to have your message............I hope i can find that special woman in you and that you will not disappoint me when i put all my trust in you.

My job will be taking me to the sea later tonight and i will be traveling on the ship for close to 2weeks and i hope we can meet after i arrived back in Japan to enable us spend time together and see how things goes between us as i intend to settled down and get married to start up a new life once i find the right person....... I will be taking my phone with me on the ship and connect it to the ship network system to enable us keep in contact while am on the ship until we arrived India, because i will fly back to Japan after we arrived India..,,....... I have the feeling that you are a nice and honest lady so i pray everything works well between us.

I will come to your place to visit and spend sometime with you after i arrived back to Japan to enable us know more about ourselves and also spend sometime together also should everything work well between us when am with you then we can make plans on how to take the relationship forward because i really want to settled down................Distance is a test of love,many will fail for those who can't withstand it,but for those who can,there's only one answer. "TRUE LOVE

#239698 by mariko Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:13 am

Am so happy to read your message and am just wishing that i was with you right now but so bad that we are separated by distance but i want you to know that no matter the distance you are always in my heart.... Yes! Distance doesn't permit the action to be seen, rather, words convey the feelings when distance hinders. No matter the distance that separates us now, I can assure you that this gap will be bridged as we really get to know each other. As the saying goes: "True Love and Friendship knows no boundaries and no distance; miles and obstacles mean absolutely nothing in the face of love" Though miles may lie between us right now, we'll never be apart forever, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart.

Now that dishonesty and disbelieve seems to be taking over our souls these days, to know there are people like you makes all the problems look smaller. It’s great to be your friend and to be able to look into the future and see a mix of serenity and hope. This fairly recent friendship is something I consider to be sacred already. It makes me have faith again in some simple but fundamental human values which sometimes; for the lack of practice, we swipe under the carpets of our memories and of our hearts. For me, this new friendship is precious and that’s why I intend to keep it till the end of my days. I believe we can achieve that, because I have faith in you and I have more and more faith in life and in the future. Those who have a friend like you fear nothing. Always bear in mind that my affection and true friendship will be yours forever.

#239822 by mariko Mon Mar 02, 2015 9:37 am
Hello Baby

I understand what you are saying that we need to meet each other first before anything.... I don't know how to approach this with you on line, I have been fighting a battle within myself, my heart says I should tell you how I feel, but my head tells me not to be stupid that it would just cause damage to our friendship and that you wouldn't be interested.

I would like to open up my heart to you, but I may lack the skill, or I’m short for words, because my heart harbors so many good feelings towards you that the dictionary seems to short to express all this love..

I feel an immense and endless love for you. Immense because it’s almost impossible to measure it or compare it to anything you might now; endless because it reassures me that it will endure all summers, winters, springs and ages, and it will reach fall with the royal dignity of an oak tree.This immense love is all yours....I have no doubt you are the woman Heaven has made especially for me.

I wish that you were here or that I were there, or that we were together anywhere. How I wish I could be there with you, but distance has kept us apart. Apart physically, but in spirit, you are always in my heart. Friendship which has been tested by distance and obstacles, and has passed......that is true friendship. The test of true friendship is not when we are together. It comes when we are not together and realize that despite the distance, thoughts and feelings are still there. I just wish you could see how much you mean to me. God has reason for allowing things to happen. Those who thank God even in every situation turn burden into blessings

#243156 by mariko Tue Mar 24, 2015 9:15 pm
Typical pirates --> Labuan story

Hello Dear

How are you ? We have been facing a big problem in the ship since last night. The captains of the ship decided to stop the ship in the middle of the Ocean because there are pirates ahead of us and he warned us to keep our valuable properties safe.

The pirates are very dangerous group of people that Hijack passenger and cargo ship for ransom, they also steal money as well as valuable properties in the ship, in most cases they can kill.

I am really afraid and I do not know what to do, because I have all my valuables with me here inside the ship that i bought in India for my Au Gold business in Japan. Please, pray for me. The Captain has come up with an idea to sail the ship to Labaun island Malaysia and it's just few hours to the Labuan Island close to Malaysia. The captain is doing his best to get to the Labuan Island so that we can dispose our belongings as he have inquired that there is a secured security company there in Labuan Island were we can deposit our belongings.

Things are really tough for me here and I am afraid to lose my life and my hard earned money.I hope the captain will be able to move the ship to the Labuan Island and this is my first time to experience Pirate issue on the high sea. Please pray for us to arrived on the island safe

#243201 by mariko Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:14 am
Next email approaching to money request scam plot.

Am sorry for not been able to write you on time because i was very busy after we arrived at the island as i needed to go down to the security company here in labuan island to find away to cargo the valuables with me out of this island to Japan .

Now I am worried with the valuables which I have with me here for my business in Japan..I would like to entrust it to you as my proposal.I tried to make arrangement with the security company to cargo them out of this island because i don't wanna take it with me back to the open sea ( international water ) as it's very dangerous because i don't intend losing my valuables to the pirate, The security company in Labuan Island, Malaysia said i need to have someone in Japan before they can deliver it to Japan since am not in Japan at the moment now, as they can not hold it for me in Japan until i return back. The biggest problem is that the only friends i have in Japan since i came there are all working as Marine and currently on the sea now for work assignment.

Meanwhile, I want to send my valuables as a consignment to you as the benefactor through a secured Security Company here in Labuan Island to keep it for me until i arrived.. I just hope we don't loss our lives in this danger.

The Security Company required the following information as stated below to enable them ship the consignment to you. Please, fill the information and send it to me as soon as possible to enable me rush back to their office because we can be asked to go back to the sea at anytime.

Your name in full:
Street 1:
Street 2:
Postal/zip code:
Telephone number:

As soon as I receive the above information, I shall quickly go to the security company to carry out all necessary deposit/delivery procedures of my valuables to you. As soon as you receive them you should please keep it safe until my arrival to Japan. I wait the information from you today.

#243203 by Grunt Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:40 am
profile of this scammer ... index=249#

jim_peterson54 is
37, Yokosuka-shi, Japan (Kanagawa-ken)
Looking for...Female between 27 - 46
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Ethnicity Japanese, White
Relationship Single
Language English, Japanese
Language English, Japanese,
Occupation Government/Military
Education Graduate Degree
Kids I don't have any kids
About Me
Am a kind and honest person easy going person and a loving and caring man.. I will like to meet any nice lady
In My Own Words
What Would My Friends Say About Me? am easy going
What Makes Me Happy? spending time with my love ones
What Makes Me Upset Or Frustrated? lies and dishonesty
Language Want To Learn Nihongo
find him also here ... =3&t=81559
#243485 by mariko Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:28 am
I am pleased to inform you that I have made all necessary procedures to deposit the consignment with the security company in Labuan Island, Malaysia today, which I am very relaxed now that the consignment is in safe place awaiting delivery to you.. I decided to send the consignment through a Diplomatic Security Company to guarantee all safety of my valuables including the amount of money inside. I include the following items in the trunk box: {1} Cash Amount of 250,000USD, {2} Rolex Wrist Watch and Vital Documents.

Please, I want you to quickly contact the security company by email or telephone as stated below and quote the TRANSPORT COLLECT STICKER Nº: DIP/09.VOL.8 KG and Identification #: ASF/GBIZXXAR/OGHGB25 to the Security company to enable them advice you the exact date and time which you will receive the consignment at your mailing address without any delay...

Suite 34, 5th Floor,
Wisma Bukit Mata Kuching
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman Kuching,
TEL: +601-126127082
TEL: +601-62750214
Email: [email protected]

Website: ... es-sdn-bhd

FaceBook account : ... 5821049047

Contact Person:Mr Henry Micheal (Admin. Officer)

NOTE: I shall send to you the unlock code which you will use to open the consignment as soon as you receive it at your end to enable you deposit the money in your bank account or keep it safe until my arrival.

See attached Air Way Bill document which was issued to me during the deposit of the money with the security company, please keep it very safe because it will be required during the claim of the consignment at your end.

Thank you so much for your kindness and supports so far.

Miss you dear...kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,

Your Darling
Jim Peterson

The fake site to be reported to the web service provider.

The real MTR Service site is here;
The Kuching, Sarawak address and phone numbers are totally wrong. Kuching City code is not 01 and MTR office is located near to airport, not in the center of city.

Fake Documents used by the scammer
#243721 by mariko Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:31 am



This office is pleased to inform you that we are in receipt of your
email regarding the claim of a consignment in our custody.

Be informed that a consignment was deposited in your names for urgent
claim. You should rest-assured that the consignment is securely kept in
our security vault awaiting your claim. An Air Way Bill, Deposit
Certificate and Deposit Receipt has been issued to the depositor along
with the unlock code.

We therefore advise you to kindly fill in your data/information manually
in the form below for prior processing of claim of your consignment from
JAPAN. (All column marked with the (**) sign are compulsory).

** Full Name: ________________
** Mailing Address:_____________
Postal/Zip Code:____________
** City:_____________________
** State/Province:_____________
** Country:__________________
**Telephone Number:__________
Fax Number:_______________
** Email Address:______________
** Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY):__
** Occupation:________________
** Identification Number (as stated in the Air Way Bill)___________


NOTE: You are hereby advice to complete the form above with your correct
information to enable us commence the processing of the release of your
consignment to you within 48hrs.

Upon our receipt of the completed Application Form/documents information
and upon proper verification of all information provided by you is true
and correct proving you as the original beneficiary, we shall swiftly
forward full detailed information regarding clearance, processing and
delivery notification status of your consignment to you swiftly.
For further information please call on our phone number +601- 126127082
Your urgent response is fully anticipated.

Suite 34, 5th Floor,
Wisma Bukit Mata Kuching
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman Kuching,
TEL : +601- 126127082

EMAIL 1: [email protected]

#244040 by mariko Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:40 am
From Jim Peterson

Hello Dear.

Did the company inform you on which date and time they will deliver the box to you because its suppose to be 24hrs after they have completed the processing of the shipment.
I remember that they do ask me to back to their office the next day after i register the box with their office in your name and gave them the payment but i could not make it back to their office the next day since we had to go back to the ship in the mid night as we had information that the pirate was already out of the sea.

I hope they are not angry that i was not back to their office.?

Here is the unlocked code for the box.. Ax10569

Please keep the unlocked code safe from any one


From Fake Courier Company

Our office confirm the receipt of your message and the requested information
needed for the final processing of your consignment in our custody.

We shall proceed with the processing of your consignment delivery to Japan
and shall inform you on the time and date of delivery once we are done.

Do inform Mr Jim Peterson, that we are not happy with him for not returning
back to our office because we do ask him to come back to our office the next day
to conclude the delivery process.

We shall proceed and ensure that the box arrived safe to your doorstep in Japan.

Mr. Henry Micheal

TEL: +601- 126127082

#244192 by mariko Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:40 am
We acknowledged your mail received and are pleased to inform you that we
have just completed the processing of your Application Form which has
confirmed to this office that you are the true owner of the said
consignment in our custody.

For your reference, you have Malaysia local Tax and VAT charges to pay
before we can carry out your delivery to you in your country.

The Amount is 490 U$D ( Four Hundred and Ninety United States Dollars).

You are therefore advised as a matter of urgency to make the payment
through Western Union Money Transfer in the name of our Account Officer
stated below for quick delivery of your consignment to you and forward to
us a scanned copy of your Western Union Money Transfer payment slip for
confirmation of payment and for record purpose. Below is the account
officer’s information for payment

The reason for the payment is due to the fact that Mr Jim Peterson didn't come
back to our office next day as we wanted to inform him about the payment and that
was the reason we inform him to come back to our office the next day because
the payment he made is for international delivery and custom charges in japan
but this payment is for the local Malaysia charges and without this payment the
Malaysia custom will not allow your box to go through Malaysia airport to japan.


Receiver's first Name: HINA
Last Name : SHAHEEN

ADDRESS: Lot No. TL 0374-6, Lubok Temiang, Tanjong Aru Road,
87010 W.P. Lebuan Island, Malaysia.

Amount: 490U$D

• Scanned copy(s) of Western Union Money Transfer (WUMT) for payment
should be sending to: [email protected] for confirmation of payment.
• Duration for processing/delivery of your consignment after we receive
your payment is 24hrs.
• Payment should be made payable to us within 02 days prior to the date
you receive this notification.

NOTE: Failure to meet the mandate shall lead to cancellation, disclaimer
and confiscation/seizure of the consignment.
We anticipate your swift response.

Mr. Henry Micheal

TEL: +60162750214
(Administrative Officer)

Suite 34, 5th Floor,
Wisma Bukit Mata Kuching
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman Kuching,
TEL: +60162750214

EMAIL 1: [email protected]
#244194 by mariko Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:41 am

Thanks so much for your message and i hope you explain to the company the reason that i could not return back to their office as we have to return back to the ship and i hope you do help me apologize to them too.

I did not call you because i cannot call out of here as we are on the ocean and the only thing i can do is to connect my phone to the ship network and get connected to wifi to browse through email but there is no phone network here because am not in the range between japan phone network.

The call most be from the company so you can as well call them back as you already have their number on the previous message.

Please don't forget to keep the unlock code safe from anyone to avoid other people from opening the box on your behalf.

Thanks and God bless you
#244222 by mariko Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:42 am
Be inform that, the tax and vat charge is a very important charges that needs to be paid before your consignment will be allowed to go true the Malaysian custom, so you are advice to make the payment as soon as possible so that our diplomats will live immediately to your destination to deliver your consignment at your door step or we shall proceed and cancel your shipment.

Please inform Mr Jim Peterson that we are very angry with him for not coming back to our office as we waited for him all through to enable us inform him about this payment before he depart this island but he failed to come back and left without concluding the process of the shipment.

We only asked you to make payment due to urgency because bank transfer will take up to 48hrs for the money to reflect in our bank account.


Amount: 490U$D

Swift address ---------- PEBBEMYKL

Bank Name and Branch name --- PUBLIC BANK BERHAD

Bank Branch Name .................... KUALA LUMPUR


A/C NO. ----------- (removed)

Payee's address ...... KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA

Phone NO. ----------- +601- 126127082

Payee Name ---- MENAGA (removed)

Mr. Henry Micheal

TEL: +60162750214
(Administrative Officer)

Suite 34, 5th Floor,
Wisma Bukit Mata Kuching
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman Kuching,
TEL: +60162750214

EMAIL 1: [email protected]

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