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#226015 by Kev23411 Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:44 pm
Hello All,
I met this girl on tagged, she is from Romania, and we have been talking both on phone and text, anyway to cut the story short, we decide to met, because of work i couldn't travel down to meet her so i brought her a ticket to travel to UK, but after 2 days i brought the ticket, she told me she doesn't have money to take a bus to the airport which is going to cost her £30, i told her to ask her friend and family to loan her and i will give it back to her when she arrive, she told me she already did and no one is able to loan her money.
i'm pretty a smart person when it come to analyzing if someone is playing game on me or not, but honestly all i can say for now is she is real, but with this sending of money, i am honestly confused. it wasn't that it a lot of money, it just £30, but the fact of been scammed is what i cant cope with. and that's what i am worried about, that can a person trying to scam someone went through the stress of chatting with him and talking on phone for a month just because of £30? please advice, should i risk it or is this a scam. Thanks

#226017 by Terminator5 Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:59 pm
Romance scammers do use that tactic of coming up with extra fees for various things they need .

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#226018 by TerranceBoyce Mon Nov 03, 2014 7:03 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners Kev23411.

I can't tell you definitely from the details that you've given that she is an out and out scammer, but things don't look very hopeful because, if she doesn't have £30 to get to the airport, then you can be certain to receive many more money requests for more costs for travel from the airport in the UK to the hotel, food and the hotel costs and then travel to you.

Perhaps she is very poor, but it isn't helpful and isn't very good planning if you're going to have to make an endless stream of payments to ever get to meet her, and that would be very suggestive of how a romance scammer operates. Like fishing - a scammer likes to get you deeper and deeper into their scam until you reach a point that you have to continue simply not to lose the money you've invested so far. The amount being small doesn't prove it's not a scam but it doesn't prove it is either. It's like a game of poker and it depends how much you're prepared to pay to 'see her hand'. However, it wouldn't be unreasonable to ask what other expenses she's going to expect you to pay because without bus fare she'll need more from you for other expenses.

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