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#200371 by goran1079 Tue May 06, 2014 11:09 pm
Hello I am new to this forum , I want to introduce myself and tell you why I'm here.
I was on various dating sites and got in touch with different girls with address in Stockholm.
When I got the email and I was not even in Sweden, but they were born with a parent who was Swedish and claimed that they themselves were in Ghana and worked .
Unfortunately, I grew up in an environment with many questionable people and it sits well left of the senses. So I was at once suspicious and wanted to see where all this would end.
Obviously there came a plea for money her credit card did not work .... and so on.
After that there appeared similar people all the time and I began to investigate.
And discovered that this is big business in some länder.jag also came into contact with people like you in this site and all of this has made me more curious about the more I learned mig.I hope this was not too vague but I try to teach me these people have made me angry .that's the thing :bondage:

#200376 by jolly_roger Wed May 07, 2014 1:53 am
Welcome to the forums goran1079. Yes unfortunate to say but scamming is alive and well. Indeed it is big business and is a bigger problem than many realise! Many so called internet dating sites are heavily infested with fake profiles and scam artists. Which makes it too difficult for all the honest folk. Is happy to see you became suspicious before losing your hard earned money. Many scammers (both russian and african) operate in syndicates and likely 2 different tricksters are part of the same gang. Sometimes scam artists sell peoples e-mail addresses to other scam gangs etcetera and the whole sordid cycle just rolls on. There are many good people in the forums, and if you come across any doubtful contacts in future, please feel free to ask. All the reports appearing in the forums are all confirmed scams. If you do post someone that is later shown to be innocent, I'm confident the moderating team will remove their details.
#200401 by goran1079 Wed May 07, 2014 3:28 am
Hello ! and thanks to that reply.
I have realized that there is a big problem with scammers and they are on many dating sites, I have noticed two that they have scammers on the side and sent screenshot of email conversation, but they do not seem to care.
I just want to say that this forum seems great.And I have a lot of material to this site ,I need some time to learn
how It's work//

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