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#197313 by 11thtech Sat Apr 12, 2014 5:25 pm
Hello I was communicating with an individual from Accra Ghana. She said that she worked for World Vision Ind, which is a relief foundation that helps people from all around the world. At first I was kind of skeptical of talking to this person but she was interesting. She said that she was from Germany cant remember the exact place but, she claimed to be there in Ghana on a training program with the WVI. This girl didn't ask for anything at first . We talked on yahoo messenger for a long time and I have seen her on cam many times. I even did the live test that was mentioned on an article I had read. She said that she liked me a lot and that she wanted to meet me but didn't have the money to renew her visa. Now being that she is from Germany they have a waiver program with the united states. She said that all she had to do was renew her passport and we would be good to go on meeting . I did a little research and the cost was 160.00 to do this for her. I figured what the hell ill do it. well that was the beginning of the end. I sent the money to her , western union , and she said she put in the app and was waiting for an appointment for interview. I thought cool everything was going good and one day I get this call from her saying that her cell phone got hacked. I figured that ok technology is pretty basic there gave her the benefit of the doubt. We chatted for about 2 weeks and she tells me that the embassy lost her application and needed to do another. she said that she need the money for that one too. I thought ok I have feelings for this chick so why not. I sent her more money. Then she started asking for money all the time . And I would send it. Then all of a sudden shes gone. Well I was pretty devastated and didn't understand why this happened. A week goes by and she contacts me again and gives me this reason that she was gone she had to go to a village to help with Christmas charity. And if I could donate so I sent her more money. Then she would disappear more often for longer periods. but stinging me along. I was in love with this girl so I wanted to believe her. in the mean time no visa and in into this girl for about 1500 bucks. At the end of this ride she says that she needs money for transportation and eating for her appointment at the embassy. I told her that I wasn't going to send her anything . I told her that it was her turn to put into the relationship and to find a way to her interview. well she got very angry and said that she had no means of getting any money to go there . So she leaves and is gone. A few days go by and I try and contact her to see if she made it to the embassy. She said that she rescheduled her appointment . I told her that was great. She said that she still needed the money to go there with. still I said I didn't have it . She said that was ok and that she would find a way. She also said that she was going to use the visa that I had paid for twice to use when she finds another man to bring her to USA. Now this woman never applied for a visa at any time. I Called and talked to her supervisor at world vision and he said that he has never heard of this woman. Also the embassy said that they had no record of her applying at any time. This womans name is Nancey Quaye and her email is [email protected]. Her new phone number is+233-54-823-0317. be aware that there is a lot of scammers coming out of Ghana and they are good.

#197779 by sweetcheeks Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:06 am
Omg.... I'm so sorry to hear what's happened to you. Cruel people playing on emotion. Still I'm shocked that people are still falling for this s*** regular. Onwards n upwards ! :wink:
#197821 by nettedec Thu Apr 17, 2014 8:00 pm
Well as of today I found out I was part of scam.. I received a check via mail ups to be exact for services I had given to a person who needed house cleaning. I only met with this person twice.. Then the moved and received a text saying my payment was mailed to me so I received the check for the amount I was owed.. Was not asked to send any money back.. Well today I was contacted by the bank and was told I was being charged with fraud.. I'm scared cause I had no idea it was a scam since I met the person and the check was the amount we verbally agreed too in person.. What can I do so I won't go to jail.. I have small children and a single parent I feel like an idiot :(

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