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#398590 by Hasa.aut.1990 Wed Oct 16, 2019 11:11 pm
Sorry, my english is not very good.
Read my story and give me advice.
I have known a man named James Walters. He said he is an American who is currently a doctor for the US military in Kabul Afghanishtan.
He said he would leave the military in a few weeks and would open his own hospital where I am living. After more than a week of talking, he said he liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend but I refused because I didn't trust him. We kept talking from morning till I went to bed, always caring and talking sweetly to me. After more than two weeks, he gained my trust and said he would come to my place next week. He asked me to take care of his luggage because his replacement would be available anytime and he would no longer have his own room.
Because I had to work, I gave my work address. I received an email from the shipping company of person named Jessica Green with the information about the time and date of arrival, packing number and link to check the shipping status with her ID card. After checking, I found out I didn't go to work on the day of delivery so I asked him how to do it. He said I wrote a mail asking to change my address and attached my photo ID card so they can check it out.After I sent it, I did not receive any response, but I received an email notifying me of the change of delivery date and time. I was a little suspicious but he soothed me with sweet words. The next morning, he said that he was attacked the previous night and injured his right leg in the hospital. After asking a few questions he mentioned his luggage and asked me to check my mail. I received a letter from Jessica Green just a few minutes earlier, the message saying that she was being held at an international airport in Indonesia because the doctor's luggage was overweight according to the regulations that need to be opened for inspection. investigate. If you do not want to be checked, you must pay to ensure that there is no terrorist weapon in the luggage.
She asked me to transfer money to the branch manager of a shipping company in Cambodia because it would be cheaper. The amount to be deposited is US $ 3800.
I didn't have that much money so I emailed him. He apologized to me and begged me to help him because the luggage contained important documents related to his career and without them, he would not be able to practice. I said that I could only help US $ 1,000 when he said he would ask Jessica to help me with the remaining money.
He wrote me a mail to her and promised to pay me and her as soon as I received my luggage.
After the money was sent, he gave me the password to open the suitcase, the password consisted of numbers and letters, told me not to let anyone know the password and instructed me where to store the money. and we continued to talk even though I was full of suspicion and fear. I received a mail from Jessica saying that the manager informed her that the procedure will be completed soon and for safety reasons she will stay at the airport tonight.
The following afternoon I received a mail saying that the money I sent was canceled and asked me to send money immediately to the other person who is the assistant of the manager for the reason the manager was meeting.
I continued to go to the Western union to send money back, but that night, I received a mail saying that the money was being held and requested that I send the money to the bank account number in cambodia to someone else. I called the Western Union customer service center to ask for the reason. After confirming the information and the relationship with the sender, they said that they could not transfer money due to suspicion that this was a scam and had many victims.
I said this to let him know and he said he did not cheat me. I asked him to prove that he said he was injured and could not move, could not send any pictures to me because he was not allowed. He begged me to help. Please give me advice.

tracking code is:
10130921-241 napexcourier.cst-grp.com/en

(Government of United State Of American Approved Diplomatic Courier Co.)
Head/Corporate Office: 3962 Anahiem DR Street, Bsarlbbx Kabul Afghanistan
Air Freight Cargo*Warehousing/repackaging Cargo*Containerization Consolidation

Jessica Green
NAPEXcourier Delivery Agent
[email protected]

Doctor’s mail
[email protected]

Banking account
Account Name: POL DAVIN
Account Number: 803700086448
Bank: BIDC
Swift Code: IDBCKHPP
Bank Address: No. 339,ST 209, SENSOK 5, KHMOU SENSOK Phnom Penh
Beneficiaries Address N°309 Street. 271 Sangkat . Tumnup Teuk Khan. Chamkarmon . PHNOM PENH , CAMBODIA.

#398591 by AlanJones Thu Oct 17, 2019 1:42 am
What Western Union have told you is correct - it is without doubt a scam.

No legitimate person would make arrangements to send personal belongings to a complete stranger or ask them to pay for it. Also, no legitimate company would use a free email address like the fake courier company is.

The whole thing is a scam and everyone you are in contact with is fake. The best thing to do is totally block the scammer and stop responding to them. DO NOT TELL THE SCAMMER IT IS A SCAM OR LINK THEM TO THIS FORUM.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#398622 by Hasa.aut.1990 Thu Oct 17, 2019 6:45 pm
Thanks for answering.
I'm so lucky I haven't lost anything yet.
There is an article in this forum is the same case 3 years ago. Thanks to reading it, I decided not to send money more.
they used the image of another person with a fake name.
thank you very much.

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