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#348139 by jean20132013 Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:19 pm

She called me because she had seen an ad on a dating site. We have been able to chat well for a while, loving and everything. Nothing made me suspect that I had to deal with a deceiver. After a while, she said she was in Johannesburg to pick up her father's legacy. To get that she had to be married. I could also go to the Supreme Court and say that I was her fiancée and that she could have the inheritance. This cost me 800 €. She then received the inheritance and the money was deposited into an account and there was also a jeep for which she received a check and that money had to be paid on three bills (each 800 € opening account). In order to get the money from Johannesburg to Belgium a transfer amount of 10000 € had to be paid and after that it was 5000 €. She had to pay € 1100 in the hotel and a € 400 ticket. The documents were so real, but at the transfer of, errors were found on the documents and then the suspicion came. She continued to insist until yesterday that she still has to pay € 1200 for the hotel but she did not. I lost about 5000 €. If there is someone who knows or encounters her, please tell her that she is a scammer and that she has to pay me back. Who knows her please give me the details of her. I have her mobi.le phone number. She now says that she must have money for the hotel and that she can not come home otherwise and that I can only get the money back. She has blocked me from everything. Can someone help me ???



#348140 by Bryon Williams Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:25 pm
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